Conjugating a Regular Verb: Practice with «machen»


Conjugating the Verb machen in Present Tense Sentences 

a Wann  du die Prüfung? - When are you doing the exam? (to one familiar)

b Was ihr am Wochenende? - What are you doing at the weekend? (to two or more familiar people)

c Was du da? - What are you doing there?

d Was Sie beruflich? (the formal address) - What do you do for a living?

e Er jeden Tag die Hausarbeit. - He does the housework every day.

f Die Schüler und Schülerinnen  eine Pause. - The school students are taking a break.

g Das mich traurig. - That makes me sad.

h Wir jeden Tag die Betten. - We make the beds every day.

i Ich mir Sorge um ihn. - I'm worried about him.

j Wir haben Ferien! Das mich glücklich.