Beginner Lesson - Weekend Plans

Drag the boxes onto the matching gaps.
  • exam
  • what
  • plans
  • fun
  • going
  • wish
  • thanks
  • shame
  • beautiful
  • fireworks
  • friends
  • are
  • back
  • hours
  • by
  • Sunday
  • Saturday
  • afternoon
  • sleeping
  • luck
  • over
  • late
  • planning
  • have
  • evening


Daniel: Hey, Hana how are you?


Hana: I'm fine thank you. How you?


Daniel: I'm fine . So tell me, do you have any for the weekend?


Hana: Yes, I heard it's to be a really nice day on , so I'm to go to the beach with my . The beach is three away so we are going to go car, and we are planning to a barbecue, and I'm very excited.


Hana: In the we're going to have , so it's going to be very .


Daniel: So, are you going to stay at the beach?


Hana: No, we're going to come so we'll be home quite .


Daniel: So then are you going to do on ?


Hana: I think I'll be all morning and probably in the I'm going to study because I have a maths on Monday.


Daniel: Oh, well, that's a . Well, I think I'm going to you good on your exam. Have at the beach.


Daniel: Thank you.

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