At the Doctor's - Covid Dialogue

DOCTOR: Good morning, Mr Johnson. What can I for you?

PATIENT: Well, doctor, this dry cough for the past couple of days, and I think I have a bit of a fever too.

DOCTOR: Mmm. Let me your temperature. Thirty-eight point five degrees. That is high. Have you got other symptoms?

PATIENT: Well, I’ve been feeling very tired , and I’ve got these aches and pains all my body.

DOCTOR: And do you have any difficulty ?

PATIENT: Yes, I do tend to get breath very quickly.

DOCTOR: I see. What your sense of taste and smell?

PATIENT: Now that you it, I think I may have those too.

DOCTOR: I’m it looks like you’ve the coronavirus.

PATIENT: But I always my mask when I go out, and I wash my hands. And I’ve been all the social distancing rules.

DOCTOR: Well, we can’t be sure you take a test. In any , you’re going to have to self-isolate the next seven days. In the meantime, give you a prescription for paracetamol. You should also drink of fluids. If your condition , you’ll have to one one one. Good , Mr Johnson. And make sure you your vaccination when the time .

PATIENT: Don’t worry, doctor. I !