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Adrienne: So, Trina, Monday is Valentine's day. Are you ?


Trina: No!


Adrienne: That was a pretty direct answer. Why are you not excited? It's a holiday.


Trina: It's a holiday for people that have people.


Adrienne: So, you're not because you don't have other people?


Trina: I have other people. I have my sister and my mom and my dad and my friends, but Valentine's day is more of a holiday for people that have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or a wife, or a husband, or children as opposed to being a single person with to share it with.


Adrienne: But could you share with your sister, or your mother, or your father?


Trina: I could. I could, and we do. We send other gifts. We, well this year, I won't be with anybody, but I get to it with my sister this weekend.


Adrienne: Well, that sounds fun.


Trina: It is.


Adrienne: So what kinds of things have you on Valentines day in the past?


Trina: Ah, gone out to dinner, gone to a movie, had dinner at my parents house, dinner at my grandparent's house.


Adrienne: That's interesting. Why your grandparent's house?


Trina: It was wedding anniversary.


Adrienne: Wow! That's a day to have a wedding anniversary.


Trina: It is and it was a lot of fun. I got to some of their last few years together dinner with them.


Adrienne: That sounds lovely. So are you looking forward to maybe a Valentine next year?


Trina: Maybe! We'll, .

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