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KFC stores in the U.S. will begin offering Beyond Chicken January 10 as an alternative to their traditional chicken dishes. Beyond Chicken like chicken but does not contain any meat and is from plant-based ingredients. This move as vegan and vegetarian diets have become very popular in recent years. KFC and Beyond Meat, a food company in Los Angeles, are working together to provide plant-based products that appeal to both meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters.


Due to changes trends in eating , particularly among teens and young adults, a significant number of are now opting for plant-based alternatives as they try to improve their eating habits or healthy diets. The fast-food giant hopes to expand its audience the attracting customers turned off by the meat-based .


KFC started testing Beyond Fried Chicken in 2019. The tests were out in various locations such as Nashville, Atlanta and Charlotte. The final test was carried out in Southern California where the menu out in just one week. The plant-based chicken comes as grocery stores and restaurants are to offer more plant-based products.


Beyond Fried Chicken is in common fryers. Thus, it may not be to all vegans and vegetarians. The plant-based products will be available for a time. Depending on how the introduction pans , it could be available in the longer term.


Apart from the of healthy eating habits, the market has had with the supply of traditional meats since the of the coronavirus pandemic. People are also more aware of the of animal-based products on the environment, and a number are now willing to play their part to combat the .


KFC joins other international fast-food brands that are trying to to vegans and vegetarians. Burger King recently selling the Impossible Burger, and 7-11 has started soy burgers as a to beef burgers. Analysts plant-based food options for traditional meat-based fast food products to grow in the coming years.

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