Using and Conjugating Three Verbs for Travelling: fahren, fliegen, reisen


Travelling Verbs in the Present Tense

The three verbs, fahren, fliegen and reisen, are all used to describe some form of travelling. 

fahren - to drive, to ride a wheeled vehicle, to travel

fliegen - to fly

reisen - to travel


While fliegen and reisen are regular in the present tense, fahren has a vowel change in the second and third persons singular.


Therefore you have to remember to say and write: du fährst and er/sie/es fährt.


Can you choose the correct conjugation of each verb in the sentences below?


1 Mein Freund ein Elektroauto. - My friend drives an electric car.

2 Wir am Wochenende weg. - We are going away on the weekend.

3 Nächstes Jahr wir ins Ausland. - Next year we are going abroad / overseas.

4 Ich mit dem Zug zur Schule. - I travel by train to school.

5 Wir in den Ferien nach Amerika. - We are flying in the holidays to America.

6 du am Wochenende nach Frankfurt? - Are you driving / travelling to Frankfurt on the weekend?


Travelling Verbs in the Perfect Tense

Each of these three verbs makes its perfect tense with the auxiliary sein. While reisen has a regular past participle (gereist), fahren and fliegen are both irregular.


The past participle of fahren is gefahren

The past participle of fliegen is geflogen.


Can you fill in the missing parts in these perfect tense sentences?


1 Mein Freund mit dem Elektroauto . - My friend drove an electric car.

2 Wir am Wochenende weg. - We went away on the weekend.

3 Letztes Jahr wir ins Ausland . - Last year we travelled abroad, overseas.

4 Ich mit dem Zug zur Schule . - I caught the train to school (or travelled by train).

5 Wir in den Ferien nach Amerika . - We flew in the holidays to America.

6  du am Wochenende nach Frankfurt ? - Did you drive to Frankfurt on the weekend?


  • Fahrrad
  • Welt
  • Wochenende
  • Auto
  • Flugzeug
  • Zug
More Sentences for Describing Travel

Below are some useful sentences for describing travel and movement in German. Can you drag the correct noun to each blank? Use this dictionary to check word meanings if necessary.


1 Ich fahre mit dem zur Schule. - I ride a bike to school.

2 Die Familie reist um die . - The family is travelling around the world.

3 Wir fliegen mit dem  nach Sydney. - We are catching a plane to Sydney.

4 Wir fahren am  weg. - We're going away on the weekend.

5 Sie fahren mit dem in die Innenstadt. - They are going into the city by train.

6 Fährst du mit dem nach Brisbane? - Nein, ich fliege. - Are you going by car to Brisbane? - No, I'm flying.