Conjugating and using HABEN : the verb TO HAVE

Question 1: Discovering the verb haben - to have

This verb allows you to describe what you and others possess, whether this means owning something simple like an eraser or something abstract like a problem:

• Ich habe einen Radiergummi. - I have an eraser.

• Er hat ein Problem. - He has a problem.

• Sie hat eine tolle Idee. - She has a great idea.


This quiz will help you to learn and remember the conjugation of haben (to have) in German.



CONJUGATION: haben - to have




1st person

ich habe - I have

wir haben - we have

2nd person

du hast - you have

(speaking to one familiar person)

ihr habt - you have

(speaking to two or more familiars)

3rd person

er/sie/es hat - he/she/it has

sie haben - they have










 With the help of the conjugation table above, select the correct verb conjugation for the sentences below.


a Ich  zwei Haustiere. - I have two pets.

b  du eine Katze? - Do you have a cat? (to one person)

c Mein Bruder  viele Freunde. - My brother has many friends.

d Meine Freunde und ich  viele Hausaufgaben. - My friends and I have lots of homework.

e  ihr ein Problem? - Do you have a problem? (to two or more familiars)

f Sie  am zwölften Mai Geburtstag. - Her birthday is on 12 May.

g Meine Eltern  ein neues Auto. - My parents have a new car.

h  du ein Handy? - Do you have a mobile phone?

Question 2: A Conversation with haben  

Can you remember the conjugation of haben and use the right endings in the conversation below? You will only need to use the endings for these three pronouns: 

• ich habe - I have

• du hast - You have

• er / sie / es hat - He / she / it has


Alex und Minda haben ein Gespräch - Alex and Minda have a conversation


Alex: Hallo, Minda, du morgen Zeit? - Do you have some time tomorrow?

Minda: Ja, ich nichts vor. -  Yes, I have no plans.

Alex: Oh toll!  du Lust, ins Kino zu gehen? - Oh great! Do you feel like going to the movies?

Minda: Oh ja, ich immer Lust, einen Film zu sehen. - Oh yeah, I always want to see a film.

Alex: Und Ben? Glaubst du, er auch Lust, mitzukommen? - And Ben? Du you think he would like to come too?

Minda: Ich keine Ahnung. Warte mal, ich glaube, er eine Party. Er kann leider nicht mitkommen. - I have no idea. Oh hang on, I think he has a party. Unfortunately he can't come with us.