Capitalising Nouns in German - With Dobby's Help


As you know, all nouns must be capitalised in German.

In each of the sentences below, there is one noun only that should be capitalised.

Your task is to identify that single noun and type it correctly in the column on the right. The first answer has been completed for you.



Dobby war früher ein sklave. - Dobby was once a slave.


Er gehörte zu der familie Malfoy. - He belonged to the Malfoy family.


Durch Harry Potter gewinnt Dobby seine freiheit. - Through Harry Potter, Dobby wins his freedom.

Als Lucius Malfoy Dobby eine alte socke schenkt,... - When Lucius Malfoy gives Dobby an old sock,...


...wird Dobby ein freier elf. - Dobby becomes a free  elf. 


Dobby sieht ein wenig seltsam aus. Er hat sehr große augen. - Dobby looks a bit odd. He has very big eyes.


Er hat auch große ohren. - He also has big ears.


Harry ist sein held. Er würde alles für Harry tun. - Harry is his hero. He would do anything for him.


Dobby arbeitet in der küche von Hogwarts. - Dobby works in the kitchen at Hogwarts.


Dort verdient Dobby endlich geld. - There, Dobby finally earns some money.


Er kauft sich kleider. - He buys himself clothes.


Später rettet Dobby Harrys leben. - Later, Dobby saves Harry's life.


Dobby stirbt für Harry und seine freunde. - Dobby dies for Harry and his friends.


Harry gräbt ein grab für Dobby,... - Harry digs a grave for Dobby,... ihm seinen respekt zu erweisen. - order to show his respect.