Practising the Verb sein (to be) in a Conversation

Question 1: Revising the conjugation of sein (to be)

 You can revisit the meaning and conjugation meaning of sein on the German Island blog. Other quizzes are available there as well.


sein – to be

ich - I am

wir - we are

du - you are

ihr - you are

 er/sie/es - he/she/it is

 sie - they are


Question 2: Analysing the Pattern of sein - to be


The conjugation table below has a bit more information than the one in the last question. Look at it carefully and then click on either true or false for the statements below the table.


sein – to be

ich bin - I am

wir sind - we are

du bist - you are

(singular, familiar)

ihr seid - you are

(plural, familiar)

 er/sie/es ist - he/she/it is

 sie sind - they are

Formal Address: Sie sind – you are


a The pronoun sie can mean she or they in German.

b There is only one way to say you in German.

c The verb conjugation for wir and sie (they) is the same.

d When you are speaking with more than one familiar person, you use the pronoun ihr.  

e The infinitive form of this verb (the form that you look up in the dictionary) is sein.

f If you were meeting an adult stranger in German, you would use du to address him or her.

Question 3: A Simple Conversation to Practise sein (to be)


Minda: Wie dein Name? - What is your name?


Alex: Mein Name Alex. - My name is Alex.


Minda: Wie alt du, Alex? - How old are you, Alex?


Alex: Ich zwölf Jahre alt. Und du? - I am 12 years old. And you?


Minda: Ich auch zwölf. - I am also 12.


Alex:  das Mädchen da drüben eine Freundin von dir?


Minda: Ja, sicher. Und der Junge ihr Zwillingsbruder. - Yeah, sure. And the boy is her twin brother.


Alex:  ihr drei Freunde? - Are you three friends?


Minda: Ja, wir in der gleichen Klasse und wohnen auf der gleichen Straße. - Yes, we are in the same class and live on the same street.


Alex: Und die Zwillinge auch zwölf? - And are the twins also 12?


Minda: Nein, sie jetzt dreizehn. Sie vier Monate älter als ich. - No, they are 13. They are 4 months older than I am.