Was isst du zum Frühstück? | What do you eat for breakfast?


Question 1: Names for Breakfast Foods  

Can you select the correct names for each pictured food?

The colour of the letters provides a hint to the gender of the German nouns:

masculine | feminine | neuter










f *


l  **

* Scrambled eggs can be referred to in the singular form as "Rührei" or in the plural form as "Rühreier".

** You can also say der Toast.


Question 2: The Verb for Eating → essen: to eat

Look closely at the conjugation of this verb and answer the questions below the table.


 essen - to eat | A Vowel-Changing Verb ????????????????

     ich esse - I eat

     wir essen - we eat

     du isst - you eat (singular)

     ihr esst - you eat (plural)

     er/sie/es isst - he/she/it eats

     sie essen - they eat


a The verb essen is a verb.

b This means that the vowel in its stem changes in the 2nd and 3rd persons .

c The vowel changes from .

d The plural pronoun endings for wir, ihr and sie (they) are completely . 

Question 3: Talking About Breakfast  

Some key formulations are:

• Zum Frühstück esse ich...+ [name of food].  For breakfast I eat...

• Ich esse gern...+ [name of food].  I like to eat...


Select the correct word for each space below. Check the hints for which food to choose by clicking on the  buttons. 

Jasmine: Was isst du ?

Martin: Ich  normalerweise zwei  mit Marmelade.

Jasmine: Und was ihr als Familie am Wochenende?

Martin: Dann wir viel mehr! Meine Mutter oft Müsli mit Erdbeeren und Joghurt. Und mein Vater isst gern Eier und . Und du?

Jasmine: Zum Frühstück ich nicht viel. Oft nur eine Banane und ein Glas  .