Separable Verbs in Present Tense Sentences

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  • wache
  • Ich
  • auf
Question 1: Waking up

aufwachen  to wake up

Drag the words into the spaces to construct the sentence:

I wake up early. 


  • ich
  • stehe
  • auf
Question 2: Getting up

aufstehen → to get up, to stand up

Drag the words into the right spaces. Don't forget that the conjugated verb is placed in the second position.

Then I get up.

Dann .

  • Ich
  • ziehe
  • mich
  • an
Question 3: Dressing yourself

sich anziehen → to dress (oneself)

This verb is both reflexive and separable. Where should the words go? 

I dress myself.


  • Supermarkt
  • kaufe
  • ein
  • Gemüse
Question 4: Doing the shopping

einkaufen  to shop

Place the words in the right positions.

I buy lots of vegetables at the supermarket.

Ich viel im .

  • Freund
  • mich
  • Ein
  • an
  • ruft
Question 5: A Phone Call

anrufen  to call someone

Which words go where?

A friend rings me (or calls me).


  • Er
  • lädt
  • ein
  • mich
Question 6: An Invitation

einladen  to invite

Place the words in the right positions below. Just a reminder, einladen is both a separable verb and a vowel-changer.

He invites me to lunch. How lovely!

zum Mittagessen . Wie schön!

  • ruhen
  • wir
  • uns
  • aus
Question 7: Eating and Resting

sich ausruhen  to rest (oneself)

Where do the words belong? Remember to place the conjugated verb in the second position. This verb is also reflexive.

The lunch is delicious. Afterwards we have a rest.

Das Mittagessen ist lecker. Danach .

  • kommt
  • mit
  • Der
  • Hund
Question 8: Walking With a Doggy Companion

mitkommen  to come along

Where do the words go?

We go for a walk. The dog comes too.

Wir gehen spazieren. .

  • Ich
  • an
  • zu
  • Hause
  • komme
Question 9: Arriving Home

ankommen  to arrive

Drag the words into the right spaces.

I arrive home at 5 in the afternoon.

  um fünf Uhr nachmittags   

  • bereite
  • Ich
  • zu
Question 10: Preparing Dinner

zubereiten  to prepare food

Drag in the missing pieces.

I prepare dinner.

  das Abendessen .

  • liest
  • mir
  • Geschichte
  • vor
Question 11: My Daughter Reads

vorlesen  to read aloud

Construct the rest of the sentence. By the way, lesen is a vowel-changer and this affects vorlesen too.

My daughter reads me a story.

Meine Tochter eine

  • schlafe
  • aus
  • mache
  • ein

Question 12: Lights Out

ausmachen  to turn off | einschlafen - to fall asleep

Here are the last two sentences of the day. Can you construct them both?

I turn out the light. I fall asleep.

Ich das Licht .

Ich .