Choose the correct option:



1. She is a very intelligent student. She is girl in this classroom.


2. I my parents on Sundays.


3. Who your favourite pop stars?


4. If you heat the water, it .


5. You on time unless you hurry up.


6. Paul in London next summer in August. 


7. My brothers car is very nice.


8. I must study hard for my exams.


9. Lisa and George a great idea.


10. I have drunk too much and now I feel bad. I wish I so much.


11. It's very dark here. I you very well. 


12. We wait outside the restaurant. There aren't any empty tables. 


13. Three were put in prison.


14. How old are you? - I'm .


15. They TV when I .


16. He plays volleyball Sundays. 


17. The bus arrives London six o'clock.


18. The car yesterday.


19. Karen told the children football in the garden


20. I don't understand you say. Could you repeat it?





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