Choose the correct answer:



1. Don't worry about your exams. I'm sure you .


2. I think it is easy in that way! 


3. "Where does Bob live?" Tony asked. 


Tony asked . (Escríbelo)


4. "Does she smoke?" Steve asked. 


Steve asked . (Escríbelo)


5. George, father is a doctor, is a good boy. 


6. the police , the thieves away.


7. This newspaper is old. I don't want .


8. Cakes sugar. They are very sweet. 


9. Jonathan is in room. Give this book. 


10. He here for 6 month.


11. I was playing basketball an hour.


12. Tom   on Sundays.


13. Sarah missed the bus because she run faster.


14. When he was younger he run very fast. 


15. Mary would like  a beer with me tonight!


16. If the house hadn't burned, I (buy) it.


17. If you draw well, you  a great architect.


18. I usually have chocolate at night. 


19. She is an intelligent girl. 


20. There isn't pen on the table.