Choose the correct answer:



1. There are people coming to visit us tonight.


2. Can I have just juice, please?


3. Only tall people can swim .


4. She is such intelligent girl.


5. I usually have chocolate at night.


6. you like this book? - Yes, I do. 


7. Does she want to come here? - Yes, she .


8. The woman, lives in Mexico, is my friend.


9. If I you I wouldn't do that.


10. that film yet?


11. Steve is than Tom.


12. Tim is than George.


13. Andrew is than Matthew.


14. Tony' hair is long.


15. My brothers car is very nice. 


16. This exercise is easy .


17. I must study hard for my exams.


18. I told my sister with us.


19. I want a new car.


20. I would like my mother next week.